A Fresh Start

I just finished a grueling semester of college–two days early. Thus begins my year-long hiatus from school. I should feel guilty for being excited about quitting college for a while… but I don’t.

I am hopeful, instead, that this will be a year of small adventures for me, and there’s a few things I’ve a mind to do…

I plan to tighten up my act in running the electrical business with my husband. Every weekday, I plan to do something in regard to making things run in a more organized manner. I plan to learn and use Quickbooks as well.

Tomorrow, I plan to clean out the refrigerator of all junk food, expired food, etc. Due to trying to defeat the demons which come in the form of research papers, I made a grocery run to Winn Dixie to gorge on Nutter Butters, Grasshoppers, and Doritos. Not one of my prouder moments, friends.

Now that I am foot-loose and fancy-free, I’m tossing my comfort food and going healthy again.

The business is doing better, so I want to use a little mad money to buy a few new shirts.

I’m gonna practice my guitar again, write some more songs, and hit a few open mics.

Gonna make more time for relatives and friends again.

Gonna work with my stepson and husband in learning to keep the house neater. I must now be officially delusional…

Want to try and blog a bit more as well.

I am hopeful I will accomplish more of these things on a regular basis, Lord willing…