You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Maybe… or maybe not so much.

There’s always that one person that, deep down, you just know doesn’t like you. You’re not sure just why, especially since you’ve been nothing but nice to them and would like to be friends… it’s just that this person gives off this vibe that they are too good to give you the time of day. They are nice and polite as the situation requires, but you know that this person wishes for the association to not go beyond that.

It’s that thing that you (yes, I) just don’t understand. You’re likeable, darn it!

Yes… and your friends and the others who care about you think so, too. They see your intrinsic worth, are in your corner, and are the only ones you need to care about. Not that one person who comprises part of the… maybe, 3.33% of people who don’t care for you. Last I checked, there is no rule existing in the world today which tells me that I have to like every person in this world, just as there is no rule which tells them that they have to like me. Decency, however, requires that I treat even those I don’t like with common respect.

Therefore, it is probably wise to distinguish between those are nice to you because they are truly invested in you and those who are nice to you because they have to be. As for the latter, respect their wishes and respect yourself by leaving them alone. You would want those you don’t care for to show you the same courtesy. Right?


2 thoughts on “You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

  1. sometimes, i hate the word ‘friends’. I wish I had never met a few of them. They left me all bitter and sad.

    • It certainly is a word that people seem to throw around without thinking of what it really means to be one. Sometimes we can’t help but meet them; sometimes (not always) we attract them for a time because there’s something going on in our lives that needs to be addressed or the association is simply forced by circumstance and necessity. The good thing that I have noticed, personally, is that every person I meet who is like this inadvertently teaches me something about myself and other people if I will look for it. My experiences with them train me to recognize and appreciate who is really in my corner in life, teaches me to respect myself more and not seek everyone’s approval, and reminds me of the kind of person I want to be and don’t want to be (i.e., comparing the traits of the person I want to be with that of the person who is shunning me). Being around these people sucks for a time but it helps us become stronger if we let it.

      In my personal experience, I wanted to be better friends with someone who was a bit on the snooty side. I didn’t think she was snooty at first, but there was a part of me that admired her seeming prestige and polish (I can be a bit rough around the edges… but I’m real). As she got to know me, though, I guess she decided I wasn’t good enough to be in her company. Our interactions, when we have to have them, are polite. I am still learning that not everyone will understand and appreciate me and, though it hurts, that’s okay.

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