I was just given a book by my mother called “The Skinny Rules” by Bob Harper. Opened to the first chapter titled “Rule 1: Drink a Large Glass of Water Before Every Meal–No Excuses”. I think I can do that.

I am always wanting to change something about my life… I get bored and constant metamorphosis inspires me. Problem is, I often want to accomplish too much at once and, because I can’t, I get discouraged.

I guess the best thing for me–for anybody–to do is to take one thing at a time and make a habit of it… just focus on that one thing (or on those two things).

I don’t diet; that always backfires. I’m going to drink a large glass of water before I every meal… that is within my scope of ability, at least. Even if that doesn’t make me “slimmer”, at least I’m doing something to make me healthier.


5 thoughts on “H2O…

  1. Hi – I am glad that I found your blog because it looks like you write about some interesting stuff – in a very reasonable length too (;) )

    anyhow, I am not an expert in this area, but did hear a few nutritionists say that it is NOT a good idea to drink water right before the meal – it dilutes the digestive enzymes that are needed to get the most from your food – and so water should be limited with food intake.
    also, heard that you will get more from your meal if you chew slower and let your saliva glands help digestion while eating… it also signals the brain too….
    anyhow, just wanted to chime in with that.


    • Hello, Y. Prior! Glad you are enjoying my blog! You’re probably right about water and the digestive enzymes; I think I have heard something similar from other people, including my mom, who studies nutrition. I haven’t kept up with the habit of drinking water right before meals anyway; I just drink it whenever I can. Perhaps an hour before meals might work…

      Thanks for your input!

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