Sometimes Reassessment is a Good Thing

Been rethinking the college thing… I’m burnt-out. I’ll probably be taking a year-long break from it. It is not because my husband longs for the day I’ll be finished with it, or that others are being unsupportive of my college career; by and large, they are being fairly patient with my absences. No one is influencing my decision; I’m am taking a break because I know I need one and am going to crack up if don’t get it.

I simply have other things I would like to do. I want to play a larger, more useful role in the family business. It’s becoming successful, and I want to spend my efforts on something that’s growing and dynamic. Why not? This thing is hot, wants to grow, and I’m getting on board.

Besides… just because I haven’t earned that piece of paper called a Bachelor’s Degree yet doesn’t mean I don’t have intelligence, skills, and some life experience to bring to the table. I’ve already been doing my part for a while and it’s helping. And frankly… my husband is not requiring a degree from me.

No one is stopping me from finishing my education… I can always go back to it. Even if I do not… getting an education is more than the system that requires paid tuition for one to partake of the benefits. Essentially anyone can learn anything they want at anytime for very little money; the internet, libraries, and YouTube have made certain of that. Love reading? You’re already ahead of the game. Not knocking higher learning by conventional means at all; I encourage everyone to get an education but when it comes to the methods of such, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

Be curious! Explore! Read and learn all you can and pursue your interests. There is no one withholding knowledge from you… the halls of higher learning are already in your mind.


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