Social Media Can Contribute to Mental Clutter


This is the third day I have not logged into Facebook… and I haven’t missed it.

Facebook was my cigarette even though I have never been a smoker. I would be waiting in the car for my husband, or taking a break, and would always find some excuse to get on Facebook. My husband would get back in the car and I would still be on Facebook. I would be oblivious to everything else but Facebook, getting on it while eating lunch or while a movie was on, and I would little realize that I would be passing up many moments of mindfulness. I also exchanged the work involved for real socialization (calling people, going to events, etc.) for fake ones on Facebook. Even these lost meaning for me.

This is not a diatribe against Facebook, but I find I’m relieved to take a break from it. I think of it now and then but I just watch that curiosity play in front of me and then pass it by. I may just see how much longer my indifference for it can last. I might even actually call a friend or two.

photo credit: Almond Butterscotch via photopin cc


4 thoughts on “Social Media Can Contribute to Mental Clutter

  1. Comparing it to a smoking habit is pretty apt. There’s some weird need to pick it up and scroll through to see what is happening with everyone or if Buzzfeed has posted a cute baby animal. We are probably all better off without it, and yet…

    • I still use it from time to time. That time I went without it for three days, though… that was like a cleanse to my system. I don’t “need” it like I did. No longer wasting my time, in that regard!

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