The Simplest Chili You Will Ever Make


It’s always smart to stock up on a variety of canned goods for those cold nights that you don’t want to go out to eat or to the store. Chances are, you can already find some basic things to whip up a mighty fine chili. All you need is a small crock pot (or pot to put on the stove), a couple cans of beans, some soup, and ground beef (optional).

1. Open vegetable or minestrone soup can, strain most of the liquid out, and pour in the crockpot,

2. Do the same with the chili bean can and the pinto bean can. Strain excess liquid off of pinto beans.

3. (Optional) Open and pour in the can of chili with beef in it (yes, I’m actually making chili out of chili. I’m weird like that).


I also chopped up some onion and put it in there to make it interesting. Really, you can put whatever you want in there… chili powder, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, other veggies… whatever makes you happy.

4. Stir it all up in the crock pot, put the lid on, and just turn it on. The great thing is that the chili need not cook for hours (unless you want it to while you are at work). Canned foods are often pre-cooked, so it’s usually sufficient for the crock pot to heat it up for an hour or so.



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