I’ve Got to Be Me

There are times I just need to blog just because… I need to blog.

I think that when I started my blog, I was feeling a little overly ambitious. I thought myself a writer. Perhaps I am… in a very loose sense. Not in the sense, however, that writing is the air I breathe and the stuff I’m made of. Sometimes my passion wanes for it. I have so much to do that the thought of adding another thing to do – even if it’s writing or blogging – burns me out.

The problem, however, is not writing. The problem (or, rather, the solution) is that I need to have no expectations on myself in writing and just let the writing be what it is, whenever it occurs.

I was going to have a large readership for my blog, like various others seemed to… but I think that’s the wrong motivation for me it this point in my life. I am not even remotely entertaining. All I have are my simple thoughts… motivations.

A lot of times I write simply to encourage myself… and to include others in the process. If anyone reads or doesn’t read my blog (or find it interesting), it matters little to me at this point in my life.

I often like to write or blog to share principles that I am learning in my own life. The thought that others may actually be reading what I am writing seems like a quasi-accountability to me; if I putting out a certain vision of what I want my life to be in front of others, then I have to be that way consistently even when I am not blogging. My motivation to write a blog, therefore, may seem self-centered… but perhaps, in some way, someone else who reads it might be helped by it too.

I can write nothing new. There is nothing new under the sun, as King Solomon has said. I can’t reinvent the wheel. That’s okay. I will write to please myself and make no apologies for it. I can only be myself… and I think that it’s the best thing for every blogger to be – oneself.


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