Focus is Not the Absence of Divergent Thoughts…

I have been reading a free version of Leo Baubauta’s e-book on Focus, from his well-known Zen Habits website (I get a lot of good inspiration there). The premise of the book is self-explanatory when one regards the title. I think about how far from being focused I really am.

As I sat down to study from a textbook on business law this morning, I was very aware of divergent ideas and thoughts that kept popping up in my mind… anything designed to tempt me away from studying. My iPad was by my side and seemed to call out a siren song luring me to look for a new app, look up Paris Fashion Week 2013, or other trivia. I dismissed these from my mind and plowed on… and found it wasn’t so difficult after all.

I made this observation: Focus is not the absence of divergent thoughts but our choice to ignore the thoughts when they pop up and keep on doing what we have been doing.


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