‘Tis the Season…

“WordPress moments” are rare for me now. I have taken on a more active role in helping my husband with the business… and all hell seemed to decide to break loose over the past few days (no, it wasn’t my fault). I won’t go into the details, but business has been so stressful that, by about 8:00 tonight, husband was practically in a catatonic state and went to bed early.

Up until this point, I have been interested in taking on new projects… of the musical kind, the writing kind, the artistic kind… and so forth. I have wanted to invite friends over to my home, sharing feelings of warm hospitality with them especially as Christmas draws near. After a day like today, however, I do not wish to think of adding anything else to my “to do” list.

Part of our struggle regards daily organization of all aspects of the business. Consistent systems must be devised and incorporated into the running of an office and adhered to strictly. There is the daily paper chase to attend to; there cannot be an “accounts receivable” file in two different places, and a customer database still needs to be developed. Another challenge is reminding customers that, yes, we are a business and the workers must be paid. Yeesh.

As our workdays seem to get longer, I desire simplicity in our ways of handling business and life. I seem to recognize a season of paring priorities (and expenses) down to the bare minimum, even if it means missing things I really want to do for a while in favor of tending to my family’s most pressing needs. I’m now looking at the ways I sabotage my well-being by not guarding my priorities, and now I am ready for a change.


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