Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it seems I have a hard time holding up my end of the bargain; I have not kept up with my own Thanksgiving Project, not NaBloPoMo. Started off with good intentions but… well, you know what they say about good intentions. It’s all good; I think there tends to be seasons in a person’s life when then have to do essentially what is put in front of them to do, even if it squeezes out room for other things. I am not the type of high energy person who completes everything on her “to do” list; I am very ambitious on paper (or iPad, in this case), but start off slowly when the gate is opened.

But I never give up; I may come in last but I always try to finish the race.

Which leads me, on Thanksgiving Day, to say that one of the things I am thankful for are second chances… and third, and fourth ones… and so on.

I’m thankful for my family, friends, my health, that our needs are met, and all the usual stuff.

I’m thankful that God never gives up on me either.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


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