What is Playtime?

The Daily Prompt, which I have been following VERY loosely lately, asked me if I have a playtime and what playtime constitutes for me.

Regarding the first part of the question… I think not.

I cannot recall the last time I’ve had a “playtime”. Not sure I would know what it looks like anymore even if I did. I don’t work a full-time job, in the traditional sense. I help my husband work his business as much as I can, and my responsibilities are increasing as he is grooming me to become the office manager. I am eager to take on this role. When I am not working, however, I am studying.

I have been studying online for a business degree for over a year. Sometimes it is ridiculous the time I have to spending on reading assignments, online presentations, papers, and discussion boards. I’m very happy and proud to be working toward something worthwhile like finishing my degree. I won’t lie, though… it’s a lot of work.

So… what constitutes playtime for me? Taking a bike ride, I guess. Writing a song and making music. Watching a movie. Those things seem to be rare luxuries, now.


11 thoughts on “What is Playtime?

  1. I’ve been considering grad school but posts like this scare me! I am addicted to playtime, not sure I could sacrifice it… Though I know it will all be worth it when you finish!

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