There Are Times…

I would like to create some kind of support group or non-profit agency to certain people who find many aspects of the work force unbearable. Especially for those with a more sensitive nature, so many work environments are so toxic that they cause a lot of psychic damage to otherwise talented, motivated, and loyal workers. Most of us only wish to do our best and be given a fair shot; but so many work situations almost seem set up for our demise (and, sometimes, with perverse delight. Reminds me of the ancient Romans who thought that watching lions devour Christians was great entertainment).

I sound dramatic about this, but I don’t doubt there are many who would agree with me.

Most of us cannot avoid difficult work environments, but there are some of us who, as it were, need a unique kind of mental and emotional armor to wrap themselves up in… some means for becoming more and more psychically “untouchable” while we seek to make our livings. There has to be more than just “coping skills”… there must be a new way of looking at oneself from the inside-out so that missteps and mistreatment from bosses, coworkers and others are seen as happening on the outside of us; exclusive from us and not a part of us.

I think that each individual should have every chance to find out the unique way he or she blesses others and is given every opportunity to show the world what they are made of. They need to be rewarded for trying, not punished. Everyone needs encouragement.


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