Thankfulness Project: Purpose

I’m very thankful that my husband’s electrical business has been doing well, which enables me to keep working for him and not have to torture myself by seeking other employment. I hope and pray it continues; I enjoy the work I’m doing as I learn to manage my husband’s office.

It’s a harsh world out there, and I don’t take this work for granted. Most of us, at one point or another, have had no choice but to take jobs that, frankly, suck. We work hard to prove ourselves to people who don’t understand us and care even less to try. It can be very soul-stealing. I have a good friend who works at a place that breaks her heart in a new way every day. To those of you who also have this experience… I feel for you. I’ve been there many times.

As I ponder these things, I recall a conversation I had with a certain person years ago. She basically said that my perfect work was going to have to be “created for me”. Sounds cryptic, but as I went through some failures in the work force, I began to realize that her comment was likely a viable observation. At any rate, the thought of having my own, special work that was specifically suited to my needs, abilities, and personality, was beginning to appeal to me the more I worked with others whose sole purpose seemed to be to gnash me between their teeth.

There have been many times, throughout my work experience, that I have exclaimed how nice it would be to work by myself. I don’t mind the work; it’s just the people I can’t stand sometimes.

Granted, I will have to take on more of my husband’s phone calls and, probably, deal with some wack jobs, but I will still be working in the office by myself, with no one hanging over what I do but my husband (which is fine because I’m not intimidated by him). Working as an office manager for my husband’s electrical company could very well be the career of my dreams. I am free and encouraged to grow with the company and take initiative where I feel leadership is needed. I feel like my efforts and desire to take the helm are appreciated instead of misunderstood. There are no office politics to deal with (yes!). I would only be limited by myself and I’m not going to allow that to happen!

So, I am thankful for this newfound work, which helps me to have a sense of purpose and meaning. For once in my life, I am excited about work.


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