Thankfulness Project: Thank You for the Music

So the owner of the cafe and I have firmed up the plan and my music gig — the first solo one I have had in a long while — is nailed down. The owner posted the event on Facebook and I forwarded the invites to my friends through that platform. Now comes the challenge of practicing all my songs (including ones I’ve not done for quite some time) and learning a few new ones. It will be a long gig (three hours with breaks interspersed), so I’ll need to cover a lot of material.

This gig will only pay in tips but I am thankful and happy to have it, seeing as I have seldom played anywhere since I married. At least I am taking positive steps forward, and I will continue to do just that.

I am thankful that the gift of music was bestowed on me. It has been a comfort and wonderful form of self-expression for me. It had taught me more about having self-confidence, and also sharing what I have for the enjoyment of others.

I am also thankful for the success of other female musicians I know, though I have often been tempted to be jealous of their success and prolific songwriting ability. Instead of indulging in self-pity that I’m not as further along on the musical road as some, I can learn from the paths they’ve trod ahead of me and gain inspiration from them.


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