Thankfulness Project: Day… I Lost Count…

I had to cram on studying all day today since the deadline online assignment submission would be midnight. Obviously I just finished, or I would not be on here… with over an hour to spare. I rock.

I had a super-busy weekend, not just filled with sporadic bouts of study but excursions with family. I would have been resentful if I missed time with my loved ones just to study all weekend. I suppose, then, having Monday as a cram day is a small price to pay.

At the risk of redundancy… did I mention before that I am thankful for my husband and my stepson? I’ll be even more specific and mention that I am thankful that I have a husband who enjoys being with me (and the feeling is mutual). I’m thankful that we not only have a loving relationship but that we are also friends. He is patient and understanding on the days in which I am grouchy and hard on myself (and, consequently, sometimes hard on him). He just sits back and rides my mood out like it’s a storm cloud that rolls on by.

I’ve also mentioned before that I am thankful that my stepson is such a great kid. I still mean it.

I’m also thankful for great in-laws and great parents. Not everyone can say that about their family.

My husband awaits. Checking back later…


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