Note to Self

The daily prompt for NaBloPoMo asked me what I would say to my favorite movie character if I had the opportunity to have a personal chat with him or her. There was a time several years ago I would have been able to answer this question with little forethought. Current forethought has failed to produce an answer to satisfy the question; rarely do I ever sit down to watch a movie. I’m always doing something or thinking about something I should be doing when I do sit down for a movie. My husband and stepson will be all into the plot with rapt attention while my thoughts are going wool-gathering. He asks me a question pertaining to what’s happening in the movie. “Well, uhhhh…”

Husband shakes his head in exasperation.

It may sound self-centered, but sometimes I feel like I’m the character of my own movie (my life). Not necessarily my favorite character, but one I must connect and negotiate with on a minute-by-minute basis. I am in my own face all the time and I will not be denied.

This character, who is namely myself, is often bratty and sometimes has a insidious sense of self-entitlement. She is yet a child in so many ways, yet is often in need of an uplift to keep going and doing the right thing. It is kind of an odd thing for me to try to offer myself encouragement on a blog; those who talk to themselves are usually thought of as mad. Shouldn’t matter by now, I suppose. When I am writing blogs encouraging people to “Just Do It” or the like, I’m usually also talking to myself anyway.

Without further ado…

Self, I know that there are many places in your life where you have yet to grow and that you are impatient to attain the personal and professional advancement that others who seem to be more sophisticated than you seem to have attained a long time ago. When you get there, you also want to know that the “knowledge and sophistication” download is complete and that your internal programming will enable you with skills to play with the big cats without being eaten.

I know you are in a mad dash to achieve… to “better” yourself. I have a word or two of advice:

I see your frustration… with yourself and with other people. You are like a rocket on the final countdown, as yet unreleased from the launch pad, yet bound and determined to take off regardless of whether or not you scorch everyone or everything in your path. You set about to get things done with a warrior spirit and find that there are various ways that others cannot or will not “cooperate” with you in your agendas.

You are not going about things in the right spirit. Remember the way you would like to treated, and apply that same kindness, patience and understanding to others. Yes, people can be annoying, indecisive, needy, selfish, etc. You, self, can also be those things as well.

Be patient towards everyone as you have always wanted others to be patient with you. Seek to do good, first and foremost. Don’t always say that you don’t have time to help someone because it interferes with your goals. Do it, first of all, because you are on this earth for a purpose greater than having your own needs met.
You will also find that, in setting yourself aside to help others achieve their dreams, you have an automatic win by learning new things and new skills that will help you in your own life’s journey.

Don’t keep score in all of this. Don’t think about all those times you have helped others in the past who then didn’t seem to extend the same consideration when you thought you needed it. You may not always get what you want when you expect it, but you will ways get what you need when you weren’t expecting it. Nothing really is lost… it’s all in the way you look at it.

Keep open to new experiences, especially those that take you out of your comfort zone. Even the ones where you are not sure you can succeed and may just fall flat on your face. You may fall many times. Keep getting up and trying again. We learn how to do better in the places where we have experienced failure.

Do not give up; the success you gain regards the kind of person you are becoming in the struggle. You haven’t truly failed in anything unless you have given up.


Now… let’s hope I will take my own advice.


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