A Cure For the Soul

If I could choose an ailment to cure, painlessly and inexpensively, it would be that of the malady of low self-image.

Low self-image, in itself, is a fairly broad description of the low immunity our hearts suffer whenever some challenge in life knocks us over. There are various little colds and viruses which causes our souls to suffer in various ways; no one manifestation of symptoms occurs every time. Each time we think we have a grip on something, some new disappointment sticks it to us in a different way.

In one way, a sense of low self-worth is like bronchitis; something pretty negative happened to weaken us enough to get it, and it is not an easy sickness to get over quickly. What’s more, once you have had bronchitis, you have a susceptibility to catching it again and again thereafter. I saw this happen to my grandmother, who smoked for years; her lungs became weaker and her breathing, compromised.

In a soul with low self-esteem, challenges don’t always make one feel stronger. Give a strong person a heavier challenge and she might rise to it. Give a weaker person one that weighs the same and their knees will buckle. The more times that happens, the less and less he will want to keep trying. Her breathing will become weak and compromised. He will easily feel all the wind blow out of his sails.

Low-self esteem can have many symptoms: feelings of uselessness, incompetence, loneliness, feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, depressed, feeling like dying, etc. It is a truly debilitating illness, keeping humanity from functioning above the limitations of their illness. If I, therefore, could find the right cure, I would be on that task like white on rice.


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