Life is a Bit Like Halloween…

Like the infamous box of chocolates Forrest Gump spoke of, you never know what you’re gonna get. We plan our route in life, hold our bags open wide and expect to get something yummy. Well, we do get a mixed bag of things; we get some treats along the way, but often have to wade through many tricks life throws our way to find them.

Some of us seem to have found more tricks in our bag rather than treats; they’ve left a bad taste in our mouths. For our kindness, we have been taken advantage of. For our longing to be understood, we have been turned away in derision. For all the jobs we’ve applied to, we have met with rejection. For all our hard work, we have been little rewarded and haven’t much but weariness to show for it. We long for a little sweetness in the cup to help us feel that life has some meaning. We wish for some good news from afar. Sometimes it comes, but it is small and whispery amidst the din and clang of daily burdens and trials which seem incessant and merciless. Sometimes it seems as though there is little left in life to take our breath away… in a bright, shiny, positive sense. The possibilities of that happening left us many Halloweens ago.

To all those (myself included) who have felt this way so often in life… I would bless you with nothing but genuinely good things in your goodie bags… with no tricks or strings attached. I would attempt to fill your near-empty baskets with an encouraging word reminding you that you are not the measure of your successes or your failures, or even of what other people think of you; you are created for a unique purpose in this life that you may have yet to find but still exists whether you are aware of it or not. Lift up your eyes to the hills; keep asking, seeking, knocking… for there is some answer for all our troubles on the other side.


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