The Power of Immediacy


Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? It is a good idea to have a day job, but why not open up as many alternate streams of income as one possibly can?

I had my excuses. In regard to opening up a stream of income through selling my art, they looked something like this:

I gave most of my art away because I didn’t do well in the last market. I don’t have enough.

No one wants to buy art. They have to afford necessities.

I don’t have time to create new art pieces.

I flouted the seeming authority of the above excuses and opened up an online store for my art yesterday.

I now have an art piece listed for sale on that site. Granted, I had only one to post on it, but if I waited until I had more pieces to post before I opened my online store, I might never have done it. Even if no one purchases the piece for a while, at least I have opened up the possibility that someone will purchase it. No action on my part = no possibility.

Also, the fact that I posted only one piece on my store makes me a little embarrassed, which places pressure on me to create more art right away to post.

I would also like to see what I can do to create a current demo CD for my music and try to gig somewhere again.

If you want to get anything done, make some step in a positive direction now. By all means, think everything through and don’t make risky investments without thinking, but take somepositive step. The point is to get moving.

It’s called taking a step of faith… more answers and guidance will come to you as you keep moving.


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